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Lactose and/or Fructose breath hydrogen test.

A hydrogen breath test provides information about the digestion of certain sugars or carbohydrates, such as milk sugar (lactose) or fruit sugar (fructose).

The test will help determine if you are intolerant to certain sugars. This test requires you to drink a solution of lactose or fructose, after which, breath samples will be collected at fifteen minute intervals for a period of two and a half hours.


  • On the evening before your breath test, you may have the usual amounts of food from dinnertime until midnight.
  • Please have only small amounts of sugar and starch, such as bread, pasta and cakes.
  • After midnight, have nothing to eat until the breath test is completed.

Please ensure that you do not take antibiotics for two weeks prior to the test as they may interfere with the results.

On the morning of the test, you are required to brush your teeth, but please do not smoke, chew gum or eat mints. Water is permitted.

  • The fee for this test is $85.00, payable on the day and is not claimable from Medicare or your Health Fund.

If you have any questions regarding this appointment, please telephone Jan or Rebecca at Dr Paul Froomes Rooms on: Ph 9331 3122 and we will be happy to assist you.

Last Updated ( Monday, 20 December 2010 )
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