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TripleTherapy for Bowel Parasites Print E-mail
Eradicating chronic bowel parasite infestation is critical to taking back control of your symptoms and regaining your life. While many health professionals still lag behind the evidence implicating these parasites as the cause of chronic irritable bowel type suffering, Dr Froomes and his team have been successfully curing people of these infections for years. Unfortunately, colonic parasites have become increasingly resistant to antibiotic therapy and multi-drug regimes are required in most people to obtain a lasting cure. Dr Froomes will evaluate your symptoms and check your stool test prior to prescribing a proven triple therapy regime based on the most effective anti-parasite drugs that can be compounded by one of Australia's top compounding pharmacies. We have access to multiple anti-parasite therapies and will ensure that you have a successful outcome. Initial oral triple therapy may involve a combination of any of the following drugs - secnidazole, dilanoxanide, iodoquinol, bactrum, metronidazole, nitazoxanide, furazolidone, doxycycline, paromomycin. If oral therapy fails, then intracolonic infusion of high dose triple therapy is used via a colonoscopy. This form of therapy is very well tolerated and has the highest cure rate of any therapy 99%. If you need this therapy, Dr Froomes will order the medication to be specially prepared by a compounding chemist in Sydney. The antibiotics will be couriered down on ice. You will have a standard preparation for colonoscopy followed by a normal colonscopic procedure during which Dr Froomes will instill the high dose anti-parasite antibiotics through the colonoscope directly into the lumen of your colon. Here, the powerful medications will bathe the parasite where it is and wipe it out.
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