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It’s time to take the first steps to reaching a healthy weight

Whether you have been battling with your weight for most of your adult life or gained weight recently, whether you have just a few kilos or to lose or a large amount of weight to lose, whether you have kick started your weight loss program with a gastric balloon or lap band surgery, whether you are fed up with restrictive weightloss programs or fad diets, or you are embarking on a weightloss program for the first time, you can be confident that you have chosen an approach that is based on sound science and good health.

Using the knowledge of your weightloss genotype will provide you with the healthiest weightloss program for your genes. And long after you have reached your goal weight, you will continue to enjoy eating this way. Eating for your genotype is the way for you to stay at a healthy weight, reduce strain on your body and reduce the chance of many chronic health problems. It’s also a way to put you in charge of feeling and looking the best you can every day.

Using your genes to help you lose weight

It’s a fact: Australia is one of the most overweight countries in the world. Up to 7 in 10 men and 6 in 10 women are classified as being overweight or obese.

That means that adults who are a healthy weight are now in the minority in Australia. And at the same time, we are bombarded with weightloss programs: in magazines, on TV, in books, on the internet and even in pharmacies. Although the opportunities to lose weight seem to be everywhere we look, more of us keep getting heavier. So what’s going wrong? At least part of the problem is that most weightloss programs do not address all of the issues involved in becoming overweight.

We gain weight as a result of a complex interaction between:

  • What and how much we eat
  • How, where, when and why we eat (our eating behaviours)
  • How much we move and
  • Our genes

And so it makes sense that a weightloss program needs to address all of these issues.

If a weightloss program is not designed for the way your body processes food, for your lifestyle and for your food preferences, it will be much harder for you to stick to. But when a program recognises that you are an individual with unique genetic traits and that you have lifestyle and food preferences that aren’t quite the same as anyone else, then you have a genuine shot at really making it work.

And that is exactly why the Mygene Complete Weightloss Program has developed. The Mygene Complete Weightloss Program provides a complete and individualised approach to weightloss to help increase your chance of success. It is different because it is tailor-made for your weightloss genotype — the grouping of your gene variations that affect the way you metabolise food.

How to get started

The key to the program is understanding your genes and how they affect the way your body processes food.

To best understand your genetic test results and how they affect you it is recommended that you make an appointment to discuss your results with an experienced weight loss clinic where you will see a doctor, a dietician and an exercise scientist.

The first and most experienced Mygene weightloss clinics in Australia were established in Melbourne, by Dr Paul Froomes in May 2010, in close association with Mygene, the developers of this weightloss program.

Getting started is as easy and picking up the phone and booking your appointment.

Start Now:

  • Call – (03) 9331 3122 to book your appointment
  • Appointment with Dr Froomes
    - metabolic assessment and DNA test
  • Follow up appointment with Dr Froomes and the dietician to discuss your results and commence the Mygene Complete Weightloss Program
  • Monthly assessment to monitor your progress
    (optional but recommended)
  • Appointment with exercise scientist
    (optional but recommended)
  • Lose weight and keep it off 

Mygene Weightloss Clinic Locations:

  1. Essendon Private Hospital
    35 Rosehill Rd, West Essendon 3040

  2. John Fawkner Private Hospital
    275 Moreland Rd, Coburg 3058

  3. Bundoora Endoscopy
    119 Plenty Rd, Bundoora 3083

  4. The Avenue Private Hospital
    40 The Ave Windsor 3181

For All Clinic Appointments Call – (03) 9331 3122

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