New Address - Moonee Ponds

Dr Paul Froomes now consults from his new rooms at:

Suite 4, Level 1
8 Eddy Street
Moonee Ponds

Bookings & Appointments

For All Bookings & Appointments:

Ph: 9331 3122 

Patient Seminars and Courses

Welcome to our patient education page where we provide information about our cutting-edge educational seminar programs to empower you, the patient, the relative, the friend, interested person or health practitioner with the knowledge you need to achieve better health and a more fulfilled life.

Dr Froomes runs regular health seminars for people throughout the year. These seminars give you the opportunity to hear him speak and to interact with him about your health and graduate from the program with inspiration and knowledge in a particular area of health.

‘I love giving these seminars. They allow me to really connect with people, to focus them and teach them how to conquer health problems.’ Dr Froomes

At these seminars, Dr Froomes will personally teach you his revolutionary health programs from start to finish. You will gain valuable health knowledge, a deep understanding of human physiology and a practical approach to eradicating specific health issues. You will become a graduate of the Melbourne Integrative Gastroenterology Hepatology Centre, armed with knowledge that you can use and share with the world.

Each seminar includes:

  1. Course lectures by Dr Froomes
  2. Companion information booklet by Dr Froomes
  3. Certificate of completion from MIGHC

‘There is so much misleading information out their that confounds people seeking answers about health problems. When I teach people the real facts about health, their confusion dissolves and their confidence returns. When I teach them the road map back to health, their despair turns to hope and their outlook on life transforms. They change from people with illness to ambassadors for health.’ Dr Froomes

‘The most effective way to deal with your health problem is to immerse yourself in knowledge about it and take action based on this knowledge. This is what my seminars are all about.’ Dr Froomes


Dr Paul Froomes - Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist