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03 9331 3122 4/8 Eddy Street, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Patient Information

VLCD – Very low carbohydrate diet

All humans are genetically carbohydrate sensitive. This means that any excess carbohydrates or sugars eaten in the diet are rapidly deposited into fat cells by the body. While this may have saved our ancestors from starvation during famine, it is one of the key mechanisms of obesity in Westerners who consume a high carbohydrate diet. Implementing a low carb diet will lead to fat loss in almost everybody. The trick is learning how to do it and how to sustain it.

Meal Replacement

One easy way to reduce the amount of calories in the diet is to replace a meal or two with a healthy meal replacement shake. This has to be implemented with appropriate lifestyle changes and dietary modifications to work effectively. It can be maintained long term if needed. Unfortunately most meal replacement products are like junk foods in that they contain 3 teaspoons of sugar per serve and are lacking sufficient protein to reduce hunger. The product we use is sugar free and packed with protein to give you maximum flukiness and weight loss results.

Natural appetite suppression and metabolism boost

Nature has provided several potent plants that effectively reduce appetite and assist your body to burn fat as a fuel by increasing metabolism. We have several natural extracts at our disposal to help you do exactly that, without the risk of side effects.

Weight loss drug therapy

There are several drugs that are highly effective at suppressing appetite and increasing metabolic fat burn available on prescription. These drugs include duromine, topmax and saxenda. We will assess your suitability for these drugs and carefully supervise you if you start any of them. In addition, we will use intermittent or low dose maintenance to control your weight in the longer term if necessary. Full product disclosure is available at consultation.