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Capsule Endoscopy

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Capsule Endoscopy

What is Capsule Endoscopy?

Capsule endoscopy is a procedure designed to help your physician see what is happening inside the small bowel part of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The GI tract is the tube which extends from the mouth to the anus in which the movement of muscles digests food. During the procedure, a patient swallows a vitamin-sized pill with a camera inside. Transported smoothly and painlessly through the GI tract by the body’s own natural peristalsis, the PillCam® video capsule transmits images of the small intestine to a receiver worn around your neck.

PillCam SB

Pillcam SB Capsule Endoscopy

The PillCam SB video capsule is designed specifically to help your doctor see inside your small bowel (small intestine) to diagnose unexplained small bowel disorders, particularly looking for a cause of unexplained iron deficiency anaemia. The small intestine is the part of the gastrointestinal tract that connects the stomach to the large intestine and absorbs nutrients like iron.

The PillCam SB video capsule measures 11 mm x 26 mm and weighs less than 4 grams. It contains an imaging device and light-source on one-side and transmits images at a rate of 2 images per second generating more than 50,000 pictures over an 8-hour period.

Capsule Endoscopy – Procedure Overview

Simply requiring an 10-hour fast prior to the procedure, the Capsule Endoscopy procedure begins when the patient swallows the capsule with a small amount of water.  Data and images are transmitted as the capsule passes through the digestive system and are received by the Given® Data Recorder affixed to a belt worn by the patient.

After approximately eight hours, the patient returns the Data Recorder to our office for processing by a dedicated computer workstation.  The computer’s RAPID™ Application Software enables us to view and analyse the resulting patient video report. The pill passes naturally with a bowel movement usually within 24 hours.

This procedure is only performed at our Main Consulting Rooms located at Suite 4/ 8 Eddy St Moonee Ponds.

PillCam® Capsule endoscopy is a new endoscopic technique used to examine the small intestine.  It is not intended to examine the oesophagus, stomach, or colon.  It does not replace upper endoscopy or colonoscopy.